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If you are looking for something that is very compact, this is just it!


The size of this keyboard measures well in and weighing just pounds. This means you can easily carry it about, even with one hand.


The piano comes with built-in speakers, just like most of the other brands in the market.

But it also supports external speaker sources like a headphone and other loud speakers.


Yes. MIDI files are supported, and you can easily connect to your computer for recording and editing of your music. It features vibrato, sustains and chord, and tutorial function.


The size is not just small, but you can also roll it up into a bag and off you go.


You can power the piano using a USB cord that comes included or use batteries to play anywhere or at any time. It has a built-in speaker with volume control.


It also comes with the record and playback features, as well as echo and sustains that goes well with the audio output altogether.




Brand: Flexible

Keys: 49

Includes: Manual, Adapter (Takes 3 AA Batteries)

Roll Up Piano (49 Keys)

  • For Singapore schools interested in purchasing our instruments, you may follow the follwing steps.


    1. Add item/s to Cart


    2. Click Checkout


    3. Fill in Shipping Details (eg. School's name and address)


    3. Under Delivery Method, shipping is FREE for orders above $150 if not there is a $25 charge.


    4. Under Payments, click manual payments ( We accept payment through E-invoice, cash, cheque, bank transfer)


    5. Click Place Order and an invoice will be sent to your email. (Delivery time is 21-30 days)


    6. Feel free to Call/ Whatsapp 91917032 for any enquries.

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