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The Djembe drum, also spelled Jembe, is a popular goblet-shaped membranophone originating in West Africa. The name ‘Djembe’ means to ‘Gather together in peace’ in the Bambara language. The drum has a wide head covered by a skin with a narrow base that’s open at the bottom. This unique shape makes the Djembe one of the loudest hand drums. Although the drums vary somewhat in size, they are typically around 8 - 16'' in drum head size. 




Sizes: 10.5''
Weight: 1.2kg

Material: PVC

Colour: Patternened Design

Comes with: Carrying strap for playing

Basic 10.5'' PVC Djembe

  • For Singapore schools interested in purchasing our instruments, you may follow the follwing steps.


    1. Add item/s to Cart


    2. Click Checkout


    3. Fill in Shipping Details (eg. School's name and address)


    3. Under Delivery Method, shipping is FREE for orders above $150 if not there is a $25 charge.


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    6. Feel free to Call/ Whatsapp 91917032 for any enquries.

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