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Guitar Strings

String Instrument Servicing

  • Ukulele/ Guitar cleaning & polishing

  • Ukulele/ Guitar restring 

  • Guitar set up

Drum Sticks



  • Percussion tuning

  • Percussion/cymbals cleaning & polishing

  • Changing of drum heads

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General Instrument Consulting

  • Have an instrument that you can't find in our store?

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When do I need to restring my


When a string breaks, it probably means that the other strings are worn out as well. Consider replacing all strings when one is broken in order to extend the lifespan of your instrument. A few signs that restringing is needed:


• You find yourself tuning your ukulele/ guitar much more frequently than you used to. The strings have probably lost their tension.


• The string doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to feel. There might be some grooves in it due to the wear and tear of pressing of strings on the frets.


• Your ukulele/ guitar doesn’t sound as good as it used to. The sound isn’t as clear, bright, or loud as it should be.

  • The strings are rusty. This is hazardous as the rust may rub off onto your skin when playing.

Servicing your ukulele/guitar regularly will help preserve the maximum tonal qualities of the instrument and safeguard the instrument against other more serious defects and cracks that may happen from further wear and tear.


Maintaining and cleaning your

ukulele/ guitar

When you play the ukulele/ guitar, sweat from your fingers will cause the wooden fretboard to deteriorate more quickly. Over time, the sweat accumulated on the surface will trap dust and dirt. What's our solution? Simple. We use Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil. This is the best fretboard cleaner that we know of and we have been using it for years. Do this every 4-6 months and your fretboard will last for years to come.


As for the wood? A simple cleaning and polishing will do the trick to make it look shiny and new again. 

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In-house Service

 Ukulele/ Guitar cleaning & polishing

 Ukulele/ Guitar restring service



Package A

1-10 Ukulele/ Guitar

$13.50 per Ukulele

$16.50 per Guitar

Package B

11-20 Ukulele/ Guitar

$12.50 per Ukulele

$15.50 per Guitar

Package C

21-30 Ukulele/ Guitar

$11.50 per Ukulele

$14.50 per Guitar

Package D

31-40 Ukulele/ Guitar

$10.50 per Ukulele

$13.50 per Guitar

Additional Cost

Ukulele Strings: $5.50 per pack

Guitar Strings: $6.50 per pack

Transport: $30 round trip

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