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For our latest 2021 offerings, we welcome a new line of pro series ORFF instruments into our catalogue. Our initial goal was to supply good and affordable instruments to our clients. But after taking feedback from them, we decided to offer more options to better suit their needs. These instruments have a better finish, built quality and improved tone.




A wood scraper block, also known as wooden agogo or tone wood block, is percussion instrument. It consists, usually, in a pair of small tubes made of wood, each one of different size, producing different tones. These tubes are played with a stick and have a ribbed surface to double as scraper. This instrument is also manufacturated with a single block or with three blocks.




Tones: 2

Material: Wood

Colour: Natural

Included: Beater/ Scrapper

Wooden Agogo (2 & 3 Tones)

  • For Singapore schools interested in purchasing our instruments, you may follow the follwing steps.


    1. Add item/s to Cart


    2. Click Checkout


    3. Fill in Shipping Details (eg. School's name and address)


    3. Under Delivery Method, shipping is FREE for orders above $150 if not there is a $25 charge.


    4. Under Payments, click manual payments ( We accept payment through E-invoice, cash, cheque, bank transfer)


    5. Click Place Order and an invoice will be sent to your email. (Delivery time is 21-30 days)


    6. Feel free to Call/ Whatsapp 91917032 for any enquries.

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